Michael A. Petaja

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Michael A. Petaja

My experience is supported by over 20 years in the mental health field. I have been in private practice for over a decade primarily focused on family system issues. Work with my clients as well as with individual healing has been an ongoing evolution. My understanding of what promotes holistic wellness emotionally, spiritually, physically, and interpersonally continues to grow. My processing focuses on the conditioning that shapes our perception of life so that we may experience a more authentic, free, and harmonious journey.


Therapy Sessions

Non-pathology-based approach to integrate self compassion with awareness so that you can recapture your true self and co-create a life you are designed to embrace.


Family Support

Facilitates a systemic approach that heals multi-generational transmission. Creates effective family patterns and deeper connections. Specialized in meditation and collaborative law to support families going thru transitions with divorce. It’s essential for the child’s well-being that this process is done mindfully.


Harmonious State

Psychodynamic approach that explores the origin of our primitive world. Address multi-generational transmission to compassionately unravel defensive patterns.

Therapy Process

Opening our higher consciousness allows the flexibility to rewire our brains through kindness and corrective emotional relationships. This is in an alchemetic process. Together we can break the fight, flight pattern to allow for joy, expansion, and peace to return to your life.